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What are dental implants and their benefits

Dental Implants

There comes a time when your teeth need attention either due to an accident pertaining to the Jaw or due to a decaying tooth. The job of the Dentist is not place all kinds of medical instruments in your mouth to cause pain, but it is to help save your teeth. Hence in general all Dentsit’s always do their best to save your natural teeth. The reason is simple, the natural teeth can always replaced with some procedure however no treatment can be as good a to keep your natural teeth. At times like these Dental Implants are used to restore the set of teeth or jaw structure.

What is Dental Implant?

A dental implant procedure involves inserting an artificial tooth in the jaw to hold the artificial tooth in place. This can be a single tooth or a set of teeth. This is usually a long term solution however it can be either temporary solution or permanent. Loss of teeth often cause the deformation of the Jaw structure. The Dental Implant procedure can restore the Jaw Structure as well.

Dental Implants are also used as an alternative to the dreaded dentures, since any reference to a ‘Denture’ is enough to stop the patient in their place. Besides which a denture will require more maintenance and attention. They are also considered better compared to the usual bridge and crowns due to the fact that they are not just cemented in place. With Dental Implants (Titanium being the popular type of implant), a fusion of the bone with the implant takes place (Osseointegration), which is highly efficient.

A dental implant is more suitable if you have strong jaw bones since it needs to hold the teeth in place. The alternative is to make use of a metal plate that is place on top of the jaw bone and below the gums.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • There are several advantages of using dental implant:
  • A dental implant can be permanent and is also very durable.
  • This can be looked at like a one time solution and hence is quite affordable.
  • Dental implants look quite natural
  • There is usually no discomfort after the dental implant procedure
  • The dental implant procedure does not involve displacing any other teeth.
  • The dental imnplant treatement has a very high success ratio
  • Maintenace after the treatment is almost non existent.

Dental Implants procedure

This is a fairly straight forward procedure that requires minimal preparation. However the Dentist will first perform an initial checkup of the patient to make sure there are no special issues that need to be taken care off. The initial check involves analysing the sinus, nerves and jaw bone structure in proximity of the operating area. The dentists make use of X-Ray reports to study the detailed structure of the upper and lower teeth as well as the bone structure to help them determine the bone health. Finally they also make sure there is no gum decay.

The procedure itself starts with application of general anaesthesia (in most cases). However it can also be local or intravenous sedation or even nitrous oxide. The entire procedure involves of 3 – 5 short sessions of 30 minutes each.

The procedure can be described to have three stages:

  • Placement of the dental implant in the jaw bone.
  • The healing period; usually several months.
  • Placement of an abutment followed by prosthesis or crown.

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A comprehensive guide to Dental Implants

Dental Implants

A dental implant is necessary when your existing tooth is beyond salvage. In general a dentist will always try to salvage your existing teeth since it is common knowledge that there nothing can be as good as your natural teeth. But when your natural teeth cannot be salvaged due to some reason be it an accident, tooth decay or a medical condition it has to be removed in order to avoid any infection. In such cases dental implant is usually the best option to restore your set of teeth and jaw structure.

What is Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial too tooth root that is inserted into the jaw so that it can hold the artificial tooth in place. This process is used on one tooth and can be used on several at a time. At the same time this can be either permanent or temporary. In addition to this, dental implants can help stabilize the jaw bone’s shape that may be deformed due to loss of tooth and broken jaw bones. Dental implants are often viewed as very convenient alternative to the much dreaded dentures. The word dentures usually puts chills down ones spine, besides which they require more attention and maintenance.

In general dental implants are considered better than the usual bridges and crowns since they are not simply cemented in place. The process of fusing of bone and implant occurs which is also called Osseointegration. This is a special characteristic of Titanium.

Endosteal is one of the two types of dental implants. This type of implant is need you to have strong gums and jaw bones sine it need hold the tooth in place. However the other type of implant consist of a metal plate that is placed on the top of the jaw and below the gums. This is the less common of the two and is usually used if necessary, generally when the patient has minimal haw height or thickness.

Dental implant

The procedure of Dental Implants

This is a fairly simple procedure which does require some preparation. Before starting the procedure it is necessary to collect vital information regarding the patient. This preparation helps identify if there are any issues since it involves the analysis of nerves, sinus and the jaw bone structure around the area to be operated. Often X-Ray scans are used to be absolutely sure there is no issue. Such scans have the ability to show the entire upper and lower teeth and bone structure which helps determine the bone health, thickness and height. The preparation also includes the making sure there is not gum decay or disease.

The procedure of dental implant can be performed at a well-equipped dentist clinic itself. It also may require some form of anaesthesia hence this could be local, general or intravenous sedation. Optionally it can also involve the use of nitrous oxide.

This is not a very lengthy procedure but it does span over 3 – 5 days, each session being approximately 30 minutes. Each stage of the procedure has the tasks clearly laid out.

  • The First Stage involves making incision into the gums in order to expose the bones. A hole is also drilled into the bone for the implant to be placed.
  • The implant is then inserted into the jaw bone such that it lies below the gum tissue.
  • The tissue then needs to be sealed back in place to protect it from any issues due to chewing.

Once the healing process is over (in generally 4 – 6 month) the bonding process is over and the implants bonds itself to the bone.

The second part of the procedure takes place after the ossoinergratoin is complete. Hence once the bonding is successful there will need to be another session arranged with the dentist where the abutment is then installed. The abutment is what keeps all in place. It connects the crown with the implant. The process does involve opening the gums again to place the abutment after which it is closed.

At times the dentist may choose to place the abutment along with the implant (in the same surgery). This is perfectly normal and is also practiced if the dentist thinks it is suitable to do so. However a little extra care is required by the patient during the healing process following the procedure.
The gums will heal in roughly 2 weeks after which the artificial tooth is attached to the abutment. This artificial tooth is specially made based on the impression of your teeth on a model.

This is fairly risk free procedure and at the most may result in some minor bleeding of the gums during the procedure.

The cost factor

Dental implants can be expensive. Hence it is quite common for people to opt for doing it in a foreign country where it is slightly cheaper. Not everyone knows how must the cost hence the first thing that pops up in their mind is “What do dental implants cost?” There are many popular destinations as listed below along with the cost.

United States = $4250
UK = $3500
Spain = $2750
Italy = $1800
Mexico = $1600
Romania = $1400
Lithuania = $1400
Costa Rica = $1000
Turkey = $1000
Hungary = $900
Thailand = $900
India = $850
Croatia = $850

That said there are several elements than affect the cost of the surgery like the initial examination, type of material used (like branded or not branded), the number of teeth to be replaced,

Pros and Cons

When it comes to picking from two possible solutions there are bound to be some advantages and disadvantages of choosing for either one. Hence I have listed them out for you so that you can make a more informed decision instead of playing guessing games or opting for the trial and error method.

Advantages of opting for Dental Implant:

  • The dental implant is durable and more or less permanent.
  • It is also affordable considering it is a one time solution.
  • It ensures great comfort almost like the original and at the same time also looks natural.
  • It doesn’t require any special maintenance.
  • It doesn’t require disturbing any other teeth during the process.
  • Has a very high success ratio.

Disadvantage of option for Dental Implant:

  • It is a high onetime cost.
  • There is the risk that the bone does not accept the implant, although this does not normally occur.
  • The surgery can be painful and cause swelling and minor bleeding.
  • The risk of damaging nerves of the adjacent muscles is small, but present as is risk of damaging the sinus cavity.
  • The danger of infection exists if there is any break

Are you covered?

Many of us have the same question when we are seeking information about Dental Implant surgery and that is: “What do dental implants cost?” The fact of the matter is that the dental implant surgery can get quite expensive, hence the first thing to check is whether your insurance company covers them for you. Not all insurance plans will cover it hence you also have the option of talking to the Dentist himself to inquire about any payment options they can suggest. A dentist can help you with your teeth but he can also help you work out a good payment solution hence do not hesitate to ask him.

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Dental Surgery – The Basics

Dental Surgery

Many of us hate the visit to the dentist. As a matter of fact almost all of us hate it. Even then many of us do visit the dentist on a regular basis since we rightly believe that precaution is better than cure. However when a dentist informs you that the only work around for you acking tooth is an dental implant surgery, it is likely that your first reaction would be “No Surgery for me!”. It is common to have doubts and questions about the dental implant surgery but in reality there isn’t any reason to be scared of it.

A dental implant surgery whatever is recommended by the dentist will usually be the best solution to relieve you of your pain. The fact of the matter is that the doctor is fully aware that nothing can replace the look and feel of natural teeth hence he will usually do everything there is possible to save a decaying or broken tooth. It is only when it is unavoidable that he will suggest something like dental implant or a dental surgery of some kind.

What is Dental Surgery?

  • Dental Surgery covers a broad range of procedures from the extraction of a tooth to a more complicated procedure like a dental implant. However when it comes to being operated on in the mouth, nothing is simple from the perspective of the patient. Dental surgery can be performed by your dentist in his clinic if he has all the right facilities available. The exact procedure and what it involves depends on what kind of a dental surgery it is. For example a tooth extraction will generally not involve the use of any kind of anaesthesia. In general, depending on the type of dental surgery it can involve anything from mild sedation like local anaesthesia to general anaesthesia.

Dental Surgery Procedures

Dental Surgery Procedures

Dental Surgery includes several procedures as I have already mentioned. Hence some of the common dental surgery procedures are mentioned here:

  • Dental Implant Surgery: This is a surgery that spans over a few days and involves replacing any damaged or broken teeth with artificial teeth. The purpose is to restore the similar look and feel as before as well as to make sure the patient can carry on with daily activities as far as possible (in terms of functionality).
  • Cosmetic Dental Surgery: Cosmetic dental surgery is also a kind of dental surgery and is meant to restore the appearance of your smile. Thus it can involve procedures like dental implants or veneers. In addition to which this also includes procedures like dental crown, tooth filling, or crown lengthening.
  • Jaw Surgery: This involves the fitting of dentures and to also solve problems with the upper or lower jaws.
  • Facial Injuries or Deformities Treatment: Any facial injuries that affect your teeth or even deformities in that region can be treated and are classified under dental surgeries. This can be something to do with your teeth, mouth or jaws.

What is Dental Implant Surgery?

  • The Dental Implant Surgery is essentially for the replacement of your teeth. It may involve just one tooth or many and is usually intended for the purpose of removing a decaying tooth or a broken one. The dentist will try to restore your jawline with the help of the dental implant if deformed due to missing teeth or an accident of some kind.
  • This isn’t a very lengthy procedure although it needs to be spread over three to four days, with each session taking not more than 30 minutes. It involves an implant device that needs to be that is inserted into the bone along with the crown itself which is the fits on the top and is visible. It also includes the placement of the abutment that connects the implant device to the crown.

What to expect?

  • What helps most when you are going for that dental procedure is knowledge of what to expect. It is hard to mention all that is involved in every procedure here and each dentist may have subtle differences as well in the way they conduct themselves. Hence it is usually a good idea to inquire with your dentist about the type of procedure and what it involves during the time of taking the appointment.

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Dental insurance implants coverage

Dental insurance implants coverageDental Implants is a procedure carried out to replace a missing tooth. The same procedure is implemented to replace more than one tooth as well. You may have a decayed tooth that cannot be saved or a missing tooth for some reason like an accident or medical condition, etc. This procedure takes several sessions at a dentist’s clinic and is usually spread over several days.

This is different from a regular visit to the dentist and the cost of such a procedure is also not regular. Depending on the extent of damage to your teeth the cost of the dental implant procedure can be anything form expensive to very expensive. Many of us do plan ahead and hence have some kind of health insurance. However not all the insurance packages cover the cost of dental implant procedures. At the same time there is usually a dental implant insurance that you can avail from several insurance companies which can keep your costs as low as possible.

The finer details

  • Many of us opt for Dental Insurance plans but not all of us are aware of the finer details of the plan. It is safe to say that a large majority of the insurance companies consider the tooth implants (which is essentially the surgical placement of artificial teeth) as cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic Dentist treatment will usually not be covered by a Dental Insurance. Cosmetic Dentistry is generally defined as any dental work that is performed to improve the appearance of a person’s teeth, gums or overall appearance. Hence this kind of dental work may not be covered by insurance.

What does this mean?

  • There may be several questions in your mind at this stage like “What insurance covers dental implants?” or like Does your existing one cover it? To start with it is a good idea to check your existing insurance plan if you have one. You need to look whether it includes implants or not. Once you do have that information you are then in better position to take the next step. You can switch insurance companies by first searching for a suitable insurance plan that does cover this procedure.There is a need to take extra care when checking an insurance policy because the policy might say that it covers implants but at the same time have hidden exclusions or exceptions that you will most certainly miss. It is also a good idea to classify your procedure as a ‘Restoration’ instead of “Surgical”. Since such key terms can make a difference in how you policy claims is processed.

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The Dental Implant procedure and what it is all about

The Dental Implant procedure

  • Dental implant is basically meant for the replacement of a missing tooth. It does not necessarily have to be just one tooth it is possible to replace several missing teeth using dental implants. Tooth decay does happen and there are several reasons why that happens. But that is not the only reason you may find your tooth or several teeth for that matter missing. For example it could also be due to an accident. In general a dentist will always try to save your natural teeth since no surgery or technique can bring back that exactly same feeling as that of an original tooth.
  • The procedures that are done these days are quite good and state of the art but they still cannot replace the how the original tooth feels. The implant itself has three different components or parts. The implant device which is inserted into the bone, the crown which is the overlaying portion that is visible in the mouth and the abutment that connects the implant device to the crown.

Dental Implant Procedure

The dental implant procedure is usually performed in the dentist’s clinic itself provided the dentist has the suitable facilities. At times it also performed in a hospital. The procedure is not painful since local anaesthesia is usually applied in adequate amounts. It is also possible to perform adjunctive surgical procedures like bone augmentation which can be performed as a separate procedure all together at the same time though. However this solely depends on the choice of the patient and the advice of the dentist.

There are generally two types of dental implants Endosteal and Subprosteal. Endosteal is the one commonly used and is the shape like a screw, plate, or a cylinder. This is placed into the jaw bone by surgery. This helps hold one or more prosthetic teeth. The Subperosteal type is not in the bone. In fact it is on the top of the jaw. It is placed on the top of the jaw with the help of a metal framework post protruding through the gums which holds the prosthesis in place.

The dental implant procedure can be classified into a two-step procedure. The first step being the placement of the implant and second is the placing restoration.

  • Step 1: Implant Placement – In general local anesthesia is used for this process although if necessary the dentist can administer something stronger. This involves creating an opening in the gum tissues right where the missing tooth was. The small titanium rod is then inserted into the jaw bone. The dentist will then close the gum tissues with a few sutures. This will not take very long to heal. It generally takes about a week or so for it to heal. However the process of osseointegration of the implants will take a while during which a temporary tooth may be fitted. For who are not aware of what Osseointegration is, it is derived a Greek work which means ‘Bone’. It refers to the direct structural and functional connection between the living bone and surface of a load bearing artificial implant.
  • Step 2: Placing Restorations: When the implant is finally ready for permanent restoration an impression is the mouth is taken. There are many techniques of doing this, one way is to place a semi-solid substance in the mouth that may feel like chewing gum and it is able to capture the impression. The impression thus created is then used to create the replacement tooth which would almost perfectly fit and blend with the remaining teeth. One the tooth is prepared you will need to visit the dentist once again for a short painless process of fixing the restoration permanently. It is likely that minor adjustment need to be made to make sure it is a perfect fit.

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The Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsDental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial device that in inserted into the mouth to hold in place or replace a tooth. They are a good alternative to fixed dentures or removable structures.

The Advantages:

Now that we know what are dental implants here are the many benefits. There are many advantages of dental implants. They have the ability restore the attractive smile on your face, besides other things. Here is a short list of advantages:

  • When correcting your teeth it is better to use Dental Implants instead of Dental bridges since with dental implants lesser of the other teeth are affected.
  • Unlike the other treatments like bridges and dentures used during the loss of teeth, the dental implant treatment does not require support from the adjacent teeth. Hence the other teeth are not affected in any way.
  • Dental implants are embedded into the structure of the bone and hence prevent any bone loss or gum recession.
  • Unlike dentures, they are also permanent and hence do not need to be removed like dentures.
  • These are more hygienic when it comes to maintenance too.

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