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How a Cosmetic Dental restoration can improve the Appearance of Your smile

Cosmetic Dental Restorations
It often happens that a person are self-conscious about their teeth.  This usually happens if the teeth are no white or are stained.

The other reasons for this to happen are crocked teeth or even a broken tooth.

Whatever the reason, it is not good to be self-conscious about ones teeth since this can hinder in your tasks and also cause a shift of focus from the main tasks at hand.

There is a solution though. You may have come across the terms like full mouth dental restoration or complete dental restoration.

These terms are simply describing the process of Cosmetic dental treatments that can help improve your confidence and bring back an improved smile on your face.

So what is dental restoration you may ask. There are basically several cosmetic dental procedures that exist to help improve the teeth structure an even improve or enhance your smile.

These are not all simple procedures; in the sense the procedure may be fairly simple if you have the correct skills (like a dentist does) however these procedures can bring a massive change to you jaw structure and face and also be effective for a complete restoration.

Cosmetic Procedures:

There are several cosmetic procedures at your disposal depending on the type of treatment your particular case demands. Here are the cosmetic procedures in brief:

Composite Filling:

Cavities are often formed in the teeth and need to be repaired. A ‘bonding’ or composite filling as it is called is used to fill these cavities and restore the tooth. The same treatment is applicable if you have a chipped tooth or a broken tooth. The filling plays an important role in preventing infection by covering the exposed root surface and is also very handy to fill in gaps.

Teeth Whitening:

Over a time the teeth tend to get stained or discoloured due to several reasons including food, drinking or smoking. Bleaching the teeth can help reverse this process.

Porcelain Venners:

Venners are used when your tooth is damaged, discoloured or even misaligned. It comes in handy since due to its unique ability to camouflage the portion of the bad tooth. It is basically a thin custom made tooth colored shell that can be bonded on to the teeth. In general they are used to restore that perfect smile and require very little to no treatment on the current tooth.

Dental Implants:

Dental Implants come in handy when you have one or more missing teeth. An artificial root is surgically placed in to the jaw in the place of the missing tooth. There are several types of dental implants available like porcelain crown, bridges or dentures. All of them are usually custom made to specially fit in the unique area of your mouth.

Porcelain Crowns(caps):

A crown is a custom built cover that is used to cover the entire tooth to restore its original shape and size. Such crowns are meant to protect the tooth. In general the teeth with a large cavities or broken filling utilize Porcelain Crowns also known a caps.


Our teeth often need straightening and often the only solution suggested is braces. However orthodontics makes this process easier and hence it is more appealing to adults as well. This simple procedure can bring back your beautiful smile.

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