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Basic Facts about Dental Composite Filling

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Many of us have issues with our teeth. For some of us it happens at a young age and the others later in life.

If you are wondering how to prevent filling in teeth then one of the preventions is a regular dental check is recommended.

However if you do have tooth decay it is possible there are small to medium holes in the teeth.

This often gets very painful and often requires treatment. There are several options one of them being using a Dental composite filling and the other is a root canal treatment.

What is the Dental Composite Filling?

  • Composite resin is a filling material that has been specially designed for aesthetic dental restoration.
  • When it comes to filling dental cavities or the bonding of the front teeth, this is what is used.
  • They can easily be designed and manufactured to resemble the shape and color as per the requirement. This filling consists of glass or quartz filter.
  • In the past amalgam dental filing was popular too however the composite resin is more popular now.
  • It contains only plastic and glass but no metal and hence can easily be shaped to resemble the real tooth.

The types of Dental filling:

  • There are several types of dental filling available; however he more popular one are listed below:
  • Amalgam, silver filling
  • Composite resin or tooth colored filling
  • Gold Filling
  • The dentist is the best person to recommend the type of filling fit for you however the Composite Resin filling is more popular of the lot. There was a time when the options were limited and hence at that time the Amalgam silver filling was very popular.
  • In general the composition of the amalgam filling is mercury mixed with silver, tin, zinc and copper; while the composite resin filling is more of plastic and glass. Porcelain is also often used as a filling material.
  • Each of the type has its own advantages. The amalgam silver filling is highly durable and is often considered best for large cavities. Amalgam hardens faster as well hence that is sometimes very useful.
  • On the other hand the composite resin filling can be made to match the color of your teeth thus making it hard to see the difference easily. The composite filling will not affect the other teeth either.
  • In the sense that if the location of the tooth in question is such that it happens to rub against another tooth then it is likely that your good tooth will wear off when it comes in contact with the tooth will filling. This only true if amalgam filling is used though.

Dental Composite filling procedure:

  • It usually requires an experienced cosmetic dentist to perform the procedure of placing the composite resin dental filling since it is slightly more complicated than the procedure for amalgam filling. To keep it short here are the steps performed.
  • To start with the tooth is identified and made as dry as possible.
  • It is necessary to first clear the infected part of the tooth; this can be done with the help of a drill or an air abrasion.
  • The filling is then placed in layers over the opening.
  • The layer of composition is then hardened under a special light.
  • Once the tooth is filled is then shaped to resemble the real tooth.
  • That was the process in brief. However this process is quite painful hence more often than not the dentist will use a local anaesthetic around the area of the tooth to make it numb prior to carrying out the procedure. It is only after the dentist has made sure that the tooth decay has been removed will he start the procedure.

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