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List of good daily habits for Good oral hygiene

Daily habits for Good oral hygiene

Good Dental hygiene is something that is required on a daily basis. The plaque is caused by the bacteria that are present in the mouth. The mouth will in general have a lot of bacteria and thus this needs to be dealt with on a daily basis. Plaque is always bad news, since it causes cavities and gingivitis and also leads to periodontal diseases. Thus the only solution would be to follow the oral hygiene instructions provided by your dentist regularly.

However it is necessary to care and precautions against such diseases on a daily basis. The reason being that although there is an alternative to you natural teeth, nothing can replace the original state or feeling.

Hence here are Oral hygiene tips which explain how to have good oral hygiene:

Getting rid of plaque

The best prevention for plaque is to brush and clean between your teeth on a daily basis. In fact it is recommended that you brush or clear your teeth twice a day. In general all the plaque will be removed from the tooth surface by brushing. Thus it is necessary to have a tooth brush of the correct shape and size for it to be effective.

The trick is to makes sure the size of the tooth brush is correct so that it reaches all corners of your mouth. In addition to this it is also necessary to floss daily to prevent gum diseases.

Brushing – Doing it right

Brushing is a task of do daily and get so used to it that we don’t are to check if it is being done in the right manner. Hence here are few tips to make sure you are doing it right

  • The tooth brush should be placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the gums.
  • It is necessary to be gentle with your teeth while brushing so that you do not damage your gums. At times if you get to carried away it is possible to injure yourself causing bleeding from gums.
  • It is necessary to brush on all the surfaces or sizes like outer tooth surface, the inner surface as well as the chewing surface.
  • The tip of the brush should be used to clean the inside surfaces of the front teeth.
  • It is also necessary to brush your tongue to remove bacteria an freshen your breath.

Flossing – the correct method

Flossing is not quite common amongst many people; although it is recommended to perform this on a regular basis as well. Here several tips to get it right and be efficient at it.

  • It is best to use approximately 18 inches of floss and start by winding it around the middle fingers of each hand.
  • It should be held tightly between the thumbs and the forefingers.
  • The floss should be guided between your teeth using a gentle rubbing motion.
  • After reaching the line of the gum curve the floss into a C shape against the tooth.
  • You need to slide it into the space between the gum and the teeth.
  • Also use the same technique on the other side and upper teeth as well.

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