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Causes for Gum Diseases and their natural cures

Advanced gum disease natural treatment:

Gum disease natural treatment

Gum Diseases (also called Gingivitis) is an infection that occurs in the tissues of the mouth that supports all the teeth. This is not the same as having a cavity though. The common gum problem is the periodontal disease. This is bacterial infection that leads to an inflammation. This disease if not treated will eventually destroy the gums and the tissues support the teeth.

The way this forms is via bacteria that is present on the teeth and gums in the form of a thin film. This thin film if not cleaned will eventually harden and form tartar. Thus plaque and tartar along with the bacteria cause the gums to inflame. This is how the periodontal disease progresses:

1. The gums swell and become red and also bleed easily (Gingivitis).

2. Plaque is formed below the gum line and pockets begin to form (Periodontal Pockets)

3. The plaque and tartar along with any bacteria present will begin to destroy the gums and bone structure that support the teeth. Hence this may adversely affect the teeth to the extent to where they fall off. (Periodontitis).

Cause of the gum disease:

The common causes of gum diseases are:

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Regular smoking
  • Weak immune system (cancer, etc)
  • Stress (emotional)
  • Under standard nutrition
  • Excess sugar.

The natural cure for gum disease:

There are several natural cure for gum disease around hence you can adopt the one that you find suitable.

Flossing: Flossing is recommended to do once or twice a day. This is useful to remove food that is lodged in teeth and hence prevents bad bacteria from growing.

Oils: Making use of oils of clove and melaleuca (tea) on the gums or even brushing with them can have a good event and is a good preventive measure against Gingivitis.

Coenzymes: A small daily dose of this is a good cure for Gingivitis and provides a good healing effect.

Green Tea: Green Tea helps fight gingivitis although make sure it is no sweetened.

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