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Did You Know Drinks Can Also Stain Your Teeth?

Drinks Can Also Stain Your Teeth

To keep your teeth as shining as they were meant to be, a special care with few steps is what you need.

Use straw to consume teeth staining drinks

Whether you are watching a movie, or attending a party a little care while drinking soda beverages with straw will keep your teeth safe from getting stained. Use a straw to consume your drinks.

Not only soda drinks, other beverages that consist caffeine can easily leave a stain. Also try to avoid alcohol in excess, especially wine.

Consume little and beware of these products

Few edibles may be in you good list, but eating them regularly can leave a mark, like blueberries, beet root, Tomato and soy sauce. Eating them up can satisfy your taste buds, but make sure teeth are cleaned after having them.

If your teeth have turned dull and lost their shininess then only a dentistry expert can help you out.

But which best practice do they offer

It is called tooth whitening, with this procedure the brightness of the teeth can be enhanced. It takes a small amount of time on your teeth and can last long for 3 to 6 months. However, this procedure cannot be done without doing the proper study on your dental condition. The dentist will first check the condition of your teeth and suggest this procedure only if required, because not necessary that only tooth whitening can help you with the dullness in the tooth. You might have another tooth issue, such as

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Decay on your teeth
  • Infected gums
  • And other conditions

How Designer Smiles Dentistry can help you defeat the discolored teeth?

Here, Dentistry experts do not apply the procedure without a proper study. They examine patients past dental condition, current issue and then only suggest the treatment to be applied. For them patients’ satisfaction with the treatment is more important than extorting money by applying the wrong treatment.

Other than teeth whitening they also offer services like,

The dentists are available 6 days a week and provide services on urgent cases immediately on weekends. Designer Smiles Dentistry offers various tooth related services under 5 different categories. Not only this, they also provide free consultation with the X-ray report.

Currently they are offering services like, cleaning, exam, and digital x-rays in just $89. So hurry and give them a call on 281-206-4444 and schedule an appointment today. You can also visit their website.


Teeth staining – The cause and solution

Teeth staining

In general while discussing about food we usually discuss which food are good for health and which are not. However we rarely ever discuss which food adversely affect our teeth in some way or the other. There are several teeth staining drinks by which our teeth are affected. Here is a brief list of items by which our teeth are usually affected:

  • Black Coffee and black Tea are the dark beverages that can cause staining on teeth. This can be avoided by adding a little extra milk to the drink.
  • Wine too is a culprit. In fact both red and white wine when had in excess will stain the teeth; they do this by etching tiny groves in the teeth which then stain.
  • Popular colas and soft drinks are highly acidic and increase the risk of staining too.
  • Although berries are good for the health in general they will stain your teeth if had in excess. This includes berries like blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and cherries too, to name a few.
  • Sauces like Soy sauce and tomato sauce can also easily stain the teeth.
  • Amongst the other foods that affect the teeth are Juices, Pickles, Vinegar, Candy sweets, beets, popsicles, etc.

On the other there are also several foods that are helpful and aid the tooth whitening as listed below:

  • Apples, Pears, Guavas
  • Cucumbers, Cauliflower
  • Cheese, Sesame Seeds, Salmon
  • Onion, Mushroom, Ginger, Carrots, Basil, etc.
  • Even green vegetables like broccoli, spinach help to some extent since they contain an acid resistant filk.

Tips to avoid staining of the teeth

  • Using the straw: A quick solution to avoid staining from drinks is to use a straw. Several drinks cause staining as mention above and using a straw solves this issue an make it easy for you to enjoy ad guilt free drink be it soda, dark tea or coffee.
  • Teeth Stains cussing food: The food that are known to cause stains like berries and wine and the other already mentioned should be avoided or had in moderation. However if you do love your food and cannot stay away from these items make sure to rinse your mouth after eating. In fact it is a good idea to brush lightly 20 -30 minutes after eating.

Designer Smiles Dentistry

Designer Smiles Dentistry is all about building a good relationship with the patients and making a difference all the communities by perfecting the treatments. This is done by taking extra efforts to make process as painless as possible for the patients and help in removing the common fear of dentists in general. This is one place that is good for even the children. In general Designer Smiles Dentistry do treat children older than 5 years of age because we believe in caring for your teeth and the earlier you start the better.

How to Get the Brightest, Strong and Healthy Teeth?

The Brightest, Strong and Healthy Teeth

Our teeth vary in shape and size depending on where they are placed in our mouth. Every tooth is required since each has a different function. We have:

  • Incisors used to cut or incise food;
  • Canines used to hold, grasp or tear food;
  • Premolars used to hold food, and to crush food as well;
  • Molars used grind the food

Thus will all the teeth having different functionality all of them are required for our well being. Besides which it also gives the correct structure to your jaw enabling us to possess that perfect and healthy smile. Thus the teeth need to be protected from tooth decay and other issues like gum diseases, etc.

Maintaining Healthy Teeth

  • How to maintain strong teeth is a question that is quite common. But you will be glad to know that it isn’t all that hard to maintain bright white teeth.
  • It is a good practice to brush twice a day and properly. Besides which you also need to maintain good eating habits and regularly visit a dentist to prevent any dental problems.

Bright Teeth Whitening

  • Even if you do your best to maintain healthy and white teeth it is possible that over time the teeth become discolored or yellow and dull and thus look unattractive.
  • There are several teeth whiting toothpastes available however at times they are not very effective. However you need not despair, since all is not lost.
  • You can talk to your dentist about the problem and they will have the perfect solution for you to restore your bright white teeth.

Good diet

  • Good diet goes hand in hand with good and healthy teeth; since what you eat affects your teeth.
  • A healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and proteins benefit the overall health.
  • how to get strong white teeth? It is true that drinking milk builds strong bones and teeth. Calcium is very important, especially during the childhood.
  • At the same time the body also needs Vitamin C to repair connective tissue and help prevent infection.
  • Thus a good diet consists of milk, fruits and vegetates and drink plenty of water. On the other hand it is a good idea to avoid sugary snacks and the often bottle of soda.
  • Smoking or other tobacco products are not only bad for your health but they will also affect the teeth in a bad manner.
    It is important to look out for signs of disease and always visit the dentist regularly for a quick check up.

Designer Smiles Dentistry:

  • Designer Smiles Dentistry dentist 77459 is a place that is dedicated to providing you with personalized care.
  • They are more than another place where you can fix your teeth. At this place they make you feel good and welcome from the minute you enter and make you change your perception about a dentist and stop relating it them excruciating pain.
  • They provide treatment too all above the age of 5 and furthermore never charge to examine you and determine what is wrong.