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Dental Plans – What you need to know

Dental Plans

A dental plan may seem unnecessary to those who do not believe in visiting the Dentist very often or opting to go for a regular checkup. On the other hand, for people with poor dental health background, a dental plan may seem useful and economical. Hence there are several dental plans available from many different firms. However it is important to understand the fine conditions and details of your best dental plan; since it often happens that they do not cover all kinds of treatments.

What is a Dental Plan?

It is important that you do not get confused between a medical plan and a dental plan. A medical plan which will usually cover may illness and injuries on your body, will generally not cover any dental bills. Hence all the procedures or check-ups at a dentist’s place will not be covered by this plan.

A dental plan is usually required to cover the dental services that you undergo. Again most dental plans will be such that they require the member to provide “out – of – pocket” costs as well like, co-insurance, deductions, co-payment etc. Such kind of elements will control the premiums that the members is required to pal periodically. There are also classes of services for example there is preventive and diagnostic services. This may include services like filling and will usually be by almost any dental plan. However not every dental procedure will be covered by a standard dental plan and furthermore depending on the type of plan there are also likely to be restrictions the number of times and frequency of the claims.

In general with simple and preventive dental services you are not likely to overshoot the dental plan of yours. However if there has been a dental surgery or procedure of any kind, then in this case you may have to wait till next year for any other services or register again as per the instructions.

What a dental plan covers?

What a dental plan covers?

Almost all dental plans will have their set limits on the number of services one can avail. Here is the same in more detail:

  • There will generally be a limit on the number of exams, cleanings and even x-rays that the plans covers every year.
  • The plans are also likely to have time limits on the dental procedures like replacement of crown and even prosthetics (eg. B ridges, implants or dentures).
  • Procedures like teeth whitening and other similar cosmetic procedures are not likely to be covered by a normal dental plan.

There are several alternatives to reduce costs for the procedures that are not covered by your normal dental plan. For example there is discount dental plan that people can take advantage off to extend the services not covered by the conventional plan.

The Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)

The Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) can be compared to a medical HMO. It is a place where you can obtain the kind of care that is included in your plan. The way this usually works is that when you join a DHMO you select a primary care dentist who coordinates all care related matters with the outside world and is also able to refer you to specialist if seemed necessary. However it then becomes necessary to first visit the primary care dentist when you require assistance. There are several advantages for using this kind of network as well. It will generally mean almost nil paperwork and the payment process would also be quite simple.

Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DDPO)

A dental preferred provider organization (DPPO) is quite similar to a medical PPO; in the sense that you will generally have the option of choosing providers inside or outside your plan’s network. There is one unique feature as in where you do not need to select a primary dentist or even get referrals to see specialists. On the other hand going out –of-network means you will have to shell out more as well (but less than the full cost).

DPPO is also not demanding when it comes to paperwork provided you stay in the network.

Dental Indemnity Plan

A dental indemnity plan is more flexible where in you can choose any dentist you like and do not even require a referral to visit a specialist. This plan does not have any defined network either. There is usually more responsibility on you in this plan, on matters concerning the cost.


There can be nothing worse than a surprise cost that you knew nothing about. Hence always make sure you get the information right and request an explanation multiple time if necessary.

Picking the right dentist an d dental plan is also not very simple; and requires for you to take several things into consideration.

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