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A brief introduction to dental implants and the implant procedure

Dental Implants & Implant Procedure

Almost all of us are of what are dental implants. However for those of who are not familiar with it here is brief introduction. A dental implant essentially an artificial tooth root that can placed into the jaw to replace a broken tooth. The procedure can be used for more than one tooth as well. There are several types of dental implants. Those that go on the bone and the one that goes in the bone. The dental implant procedure is optimal for those who suffer from either a broken tooth due to any reason.

Overview of dental implants

The dental implant surgery can be carried out in the dentist clinic in most of the cases. However if the clinic does not have the appropriate facilities, it is a good idea to use a hospital. In most cases it is possible to use local anaesthesia however at times other types of sedation can also be used like nitro-us oxide or oral intravenous sedation. Additional surgeries that are required can be performed separately.

The three step surgical process

There are several methods of placing a dental implant however one of the most popular methods is the ‘Staged Surgery’. This surgery occurs in three stages. The first stage involves burying the implant surgically. This replaces the tooth root. This involves placing flushing the bone underneath the gum. This is required to heal for a short period of time.

The second stage only starts after the healing process is complete. The healing process takes a while however it is monitored by the dentist at regular intervals. At the end of the healing process the implant is surgically exposed by removing some of the overlying gums. The surgeon then connects a post that penetrates through the gums and with the implant. This is better known as abutment. The gums will quickly heal around the abutment an it will form a cuff or collar. Once this is healed the surgeon will prepare the area to place the prosthetic tooth or teeth.

At times the abutment is placed at the same time of the implant however this is not always possible. Once all is healed the third stage is carried out which involves fabricating and connecting the prosthetic teeth.

The one stage Surgery

This is one stage surgery that implements a non submerged implant with a metal collar that is designed to protrude through the gums. The abutment is connected is connected to the implant. This requires only one surgery although it does require at least two visits to the dentist. The impressions are measured in the first visit itself and are prepared before the start of the next meeting.

General success rate for dental implant

Dental implants are highly popular and have been around since a long time. However dental implants do not have a high success ratio. Once the dental implant has been completed, it is allowed to heal during which time it can also be monitored.

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