Enhance your beauty and smile with the Cosmetic Dentistry

Beauty and smile with the Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry comes into the picture when it concerns the teeth appearance and smile enrichment. This particular subject requires skill to give stature to unbalanced and deformed teeth, filling of hollow teeth, developing whiteness in teeth, and creating new teeth. This is not just a technique, rather it requires a good practical knowledge of, aesthetics, tooth whitening, dentin bonding, and anterior composite techniques.

The cosmetic dentistry covers up following treatment:

Tooth color restorations can be done on following types of teeth problems:

  • Chips, rough spots, cavities and cracks.
  • Uneven teeth
  • Gaps between the teeth

Broken crooked teeth

  • Bleaching: No one likes discolored teeth. This procedure is recommended to everyone. The cosmetic dentistry Missouri city will remove stains from your teeth in just one sitting.
  • Porcelain Veneers / Laminates: To make smile more charming, use this procedure. The experts will cement a thin layer of porcelain to the tooth and then cement the laminates to that particular tooth, which looks natural.
  • Gum contouring: Excessive exposure of gum during smile is a big no, so to get rid of gummy smile, take this procedure. After a sitting, experts can tell you, which gum contouring treatment will be best suited. It can either be an aesthetic problem or more.
  • Tooth jewelry: Without harming your tooth surface, this enhances your smile. Also, if you plan to remove them in future, they will not leave a mark on your tooth.

This is not a one man task, a good communication between team members in the laboratory is must. By good communication we mean, a dentist must tell his or her vision precisely to the laboratory technician. There was a time when cosmetic dentistry was not well known among the dental aspirants, but looking at the demand for a smile makeover, it has now become the most aspired subject among the dental students. Though, cosmetic dentistry requires strong theory and practical knowledge and years of experience.

Understanding Cosmetic dentists

A Cosmetic dentist has the ability to improve your smile with the cosmetic dental treatment. These dentists possess the knowledge of endodontic and periodontics. These dentists are affiliated with the dentistry organizations.

Understanding the difference between Cosmetic and restorative Dentistry

They both require the different type of expertise, though that both include implanting and crowing. Where restorative dentists make sure the teeth functions properly after the restoration process, cosmetic dentist, together with the restoration, also focus on the beauty of the face. They focus even on the little things to enhance a patient’s smile.

Role of Cosmetic Consultant

Referring a good cosmetic consultant is a good idea. When you visit to a consultant, they ask you about your dental history, if any, and discuss about your expectations. They examine your teeth, face structure, smile and advice you the suitable treatment with the number of sitting charges.

Many dentists have claimed to be a cosmetic dentist which is unethical, in fact to become a cosmetic dentist, one needs to take a 2 to 4 year recognized course which is accepted by the ADA.


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