One of the dreaded things – Stains on teeth

Stains on teeth

It is common knowledge that it is important to brush the teeth daily and for the most part twice a day. It is also advisable to visit the Dentist for routine checkups periodically. The dentists often advice to keep away tobacco and to avoid smoking since they can badly stain the teeth. However there are also many food items and beverages that can stain the teeth.

Teeth stains are not acceptable to anyone. A dentist may be able to help with stain remover for teeth however some foods that stain your teeth can leave a mark for a long time to come. It is mainly the acidity factor in the foods and beverages that cause the most damage. The list below will help you determine what foods stain your teeth.

List of foods that stain your teeth easily

  • Wine: Wine happens to be one of the acidic beverages that stains the teeth. Wine contains chromosomes and tannins and that is the main reason that the staining of the teeth occurs. The worst possible scenario is when you have a glass of wine followed shortly by a cup of tea since that will cause bad staining.
  • Tea: The tea that is consumed normally is usually rich in tannins too, hence staining is a problem. Coffee too can stain the teeth, however tea is far worse.
  • Cola: Cola can cause significant staining since it is acidic and chromogen rich. The fact is that the carbonated beverages have similar acidity level as compared to the acidity level of a battery. Hence the people who have usually take a can to their desk and sip slowly little at a time are the ones that it affects the most.
  • Berries: Some fruits that are color intensive like blueberries, blackberries, and even cherries and grapes not to mention pomegranates can easily stain the teeth due to their strong color. The same applies to the food and beverages made from these berries.
  • Sweets: Sweets are bad for teeth and we all know that. We know that they are the reason our teeth decay and fall off but that’s not the only downfall of having a lot of sweets and candy. The hard candies, popsicles and chewing gums can also stain the teeth.
  • Sauces: Sauces like soya sauce, tomato sauce and other deeply colored sauces can cause staining too.

Tips on how to prevent staining

Some of the foods mentioned above are consumed regularly and we are going to continue to do so. Hence here are a few tips that can help reduce or prevent the staining of the teeth.

Straw: Making use of straw to drink instead directly from the glass can be beneficial and prevent staining to some extent. Although wine is something one does not drink out of the straw, the other drinks like cola and fruit juices can be.

Other factors: There are several other factors that can help prevent staining like swallowing the food properly. What is also good is to have something to drink after a meal or even brush your teeth.

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