Dental Surgery – The Basics

Dental Surgery

Many of us hate the visit to the dentist. As a matter of fact almost all of us hate it. Even then many of us do visit the dentist on a regular basis since we rightly believe that precaution is better than cure. However when a dentist informs you that the only work around for you acking tooth is an dental implant surgery, it is likely that your first reaction would be “No Surgery for me!”. It is common to have doubts and questions about the dental implant surgery but in reality there isn’t any reason to be scared of it.

A dental implant surgery whatever is recommended by the dentist will usually be the best solution to relieve you of your pain. The fact of the matter is that the doctor is fully aware that nothing can replace the look and feel of natural teeth hence he will usually do everything there is possible to save a decaying or broken tooth. It is only when it is unavoidable that he will suggest something like dental implant or a dental surgery of some kind.

What is Dental Surgery?

  • Dental Surgery covers a broad range of procedures from the extraction of a tooth to a more complicated procedure like a dental implant. However when it comes to being operated on in the mouth, nothing is simple from the perspective of the patient. Dental surgery can be performed by your dentist in his clinic if he has all the right facilities available. The exact procedure and what it involves depends on what kind of a dental surgery it is. For example a tooth extraction will generally not involve the use of any kind of anaesthesia. In general, depending on the type of dental surgery it can involve anything from mild sedation like local anaesthesia to general anaesthesia.

Dental Surgery Procedures

Dental Surgery Procedures

Dental Surgery includes several procedures as I have already mentioned. Hence some of the common dental surgery procedures are mentioned here:

  • Dental Implant Surgery: This is a surgery that spans over a few days and involves replacing any damaged or broken teeth with artificial teeth. The purpose is to restore the similar look and feel as before as well as to make sure the patient can carry on with daily activities as far as possible (in terms of functionality).
  • Cosmetic Dental Surgery: Cosmetic dental surgery is also a kind of dental surgery and is meant to restore the appearance of your smile. Thus it can involve procedures like dental implants or veneers. In addition to which this also includes procedures like dental crown, tooth filling, or crown lengthening.
  • Jaw Surgery: This involves the fitting of dentures and to also solve problems with the upper or lower jaws.
  • Facial Injuries or Deformities Treatment: Any facial injuries that affect your teeth or even deformities in that region can be treated and are classified under dental surgeries. This can be something to do with your teeth, mouth or jaws.

What is Dental Implant Surgery?

  • The Dental Implant Surgery is essentially for the replacement of your teeth. It may involve just one tooth or many and is usually intended for the purpose of removing a decaying tooth or a broken one. The dentist will try to restore your jawline with the help of the dental implant if deformed due to missing teeth or an accident of some kind.
  • This isn’t a very lengthy procedure although it needs to be spread over three to four days, with each session taking not more than 30 minutes. It involves an implant device that needs to be that is inserted into the bone along with the crown itself which is the fits on the top and is visible. It also includes the placement of the abutment that connects the implant device to the crown.

What to expect?

  • What helps most when you are going for that dental procedure is knowledge of what to expect. It is hard to mention all that is involved in every procedure here and each dentist may have subtle differences as well in the way they conduct themselves. Hence it is usually a good idea to inquire with your dentist about the type of procedure and what it involves during the time of taking the appointment.

Designer Smiles Dentistry:

At Designer Smiles Dentistry cosmetic dentist in Missouri city TX  is where all the dental procedures take place. There are several clinics around however this is not one to those kind of places where you can only think about when it will be all over. I mean to say it isn’t the traditional dull environment of a dentist’s clinic. In fact this place will treat kids as well as long as they are above the age of 5. Besides with their high level of experience you cannot go wrong.


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