Dental insurance implants coverage

Dental insurance implants coverageDental Implants is a procedure carried out to replace a missing tooth. The same procedure is implemented to replace more than one tooth as well. You may have a decayed tooth that cannot be saved or a missing tooth for some reason like an accident or medical condition, etc. This procedure takes several sessions at a dentist’s clinic and is usually spread over several days.

This is different from a regular visit to the dentist and the cost of such a procedure is also not regular. Depending on the extent of damage to your teeth the cost of the dental implant procedure can be anything form expensive to very expensive. Many of us do plan ahead and hence have some kind of health insurance. However not all the insurance packages cover the cost of dental implant procedures. At the same time there is usually a dental implant insurance that you can avail from several insurance companies which can keep your costs as low as possible.

The finer details

  • Many of us opt for Dental Insurance plans but not all of us are aware of the finer details of the plan. It is safe to say that a large majority of the insurance companies consider the tooth implants (which is essentially the surgical placement of artificial teeth) as cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic Dentist treatment will usually not be covered by a Dental Insurance. Cosmetic Dentistry is generally defined as any dental work that is performed to improve the appearance of a person’s teeth, gums or overall appearance. Hence this kind of dental work may not be covered by insurance.

What does this mean?

  • There may be several questions in your mind at this stage like “What insurance covers dental implants?” or like Does your existing one cover it? To start with it is a good idea to check your existing insurance plan if you have one. You need to look whether it includes implants or not. Once you do have that information you are then in better position to take the next step. You can switch insurance companies by first searching for a suitable insurance plan that does cover this procedure.There is a need to take extra care when checking an insurance policy because the policy might say that it covers implants but at the same time have hidden exclusions or exceptions that you will most certainly miss. It is also a good idea to classify your procedure as a ‘Restoration’ instead of “Surgical”. Since such key terms can make a difference in how you policy claims is processed.

Designer Smiles Dentistry:

Dental insurance implants coverage

This is the one place for dentist 77459 can help you with your dental needs. They usually go out of their way the patients feel comfortable. In fact they have designed the place specially to remove the common fear many people have of visiting a dentist. You will not feel like you are in a Dentist’s clinic here. Treatment is also provided to children above the age of 5.


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