The Dental Implant procedure and what it is all about

The Dental Implant procedure

  • Dental implant is basically meant for the replacement of a missing tooth. It does not necessarily have to be just one tooth it is possible to replace several missing teeth using dental implants. Tooth decay does happen and there are several reasons why that happens. But that is not the only reason you may find your tooth or several teeth for that matter missing. For example it could also be due to an accident. In general a dentist will always try to save your natural teeth since no surgery or technique can bring back that exactly same feeling as that of an original tooth.
  • The procedures that are done these days are quite good and state of the art but they still cannot replace the how the original tooth feels. The implant itself has three different components or parts. The implant device which is inserted into the bone, the crown which is the overlaying portion that is visible in the mouth and the abutment that connects the implant device to the crown.

Dental Implant Procedure

The dental implant procedure is usually performed in the dentist’s clinic itself provided the dentist has the suitable facilities. At times it also performed in a hospital. The procedure is not painful since local anaesthesia is usually applied in adequate amounts. It is also possible to perform adjunctive surgical procedures like bone augmentation which can be performed as a separate procedure all together at the same time though. However this solely depends on the choice of the patient and the advice of the dentist.

There are generally two types of dental implants Endosteal and Subprosteal. Endosteal is the one commonly used and is the shape like a screw, plate, or a cylinder. This is placed into the jaw bone by surgery. This helps hold one or more prosthetic teeth. The Subperosteal type is not in the bone. In fact it is on the top of the jaw. It is placed on the top of the jaw with the help of a metal framework post protruding through the gums which holds the prosthesis in place.

The dental implant procedure can be classified into a two-step procedure. The first step being the placement of the implant and second is the placing restoration.

  • Step 1: Implant Placement – In general local anesthesia is used for this process although if necessary the dentist can administer something stronger. This involves creating an opening in the gum tissues right where the missing tooth was. The small titanium rod is then inserted into the jaw bone. The dentist will then close the gum tissues with a few sutures. This will not take very long to heal. It generally takes about a week or so for it to heal. However the process of osseointegration of the implants will take a while during which a temporary tooth may be fitted. For who are not aware of what Osseointegration is, it is derived a Greek work which means ‘Bone’. It refers to the direct structural and functional connection between the living bone and surface of a load bearing artificial implant.
  • Step 2: Placing Restorations: When the implant is finally ready for permanent restoration an impression is the mouth is taken. There are many techniques of doing this, one way is to place a semi-solid substance in the mouth that may feel like chewing gum and it is able to capture the impression. The impression thus created is then used to create the replacement tooth which would almost perfectly fit and blend with the remaining teeth. One the tooth is prepared you will need to visit the dentist once again for a short painless process of fixing the restoration permanently. It is likely that minor adjustment need to be made to make sure it is a perfect fit.

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